Aligning Your Brand with the Company’s Brand

When you know your personal brand, you can figure out how to use it within the corporate culture where you work. It becomes an authentic exchange of assets. Developing a personal brand is more than insurance in a volatile workforce; it establishes a clarity of career goals that allows you to chart your career course by taking assignments to help you grow and develop. In most cases, that action serves your company well.

Most companies have a corporate brand or a set of company guidelines that all employees agree to buy into. Often, the company brand is part of its allure to workers. For example, workers at Google buy into the idea that Google is a company on the cutting edge of innovation and has a reputation for being a cool place to work. Someone chooses to work at Google because he believes he’s the kind of person who fits that corporate brand.Intertwining your brand with your company

Tip: As you build your personal brand, you can identify areas of growth that overlap with your employer’s goals. One place to begin is to look at the company’s annual report where the mission, vision, and values are stated. Ask yourself if you can see how the personal brand you’re developing overlaps with your company’s mission, vision, and values.

A wise employer will encourage you to align your values with company values and find this “sweet spot” of personal buy-in. You’ll have greater satisfaction with your work and fill your employer’s need for increasing job performance and greater productivity.


Personal branding can appear to be a self-centered approach to work, but in fact, it’s an avenue of self-empowerment. Having choices gives you a feeling of control over your destiny by taking away a feeling of being a victim (feeling like you have no choices) in your work. When you develop a strong personal brand, you demonstrate a pro-activity that can help you grow over the course of your career. Your dedication to self-improvement ultimately serves the people you work with as well.

Speaking with personal branding guru and Reach Communications founder William Arruda, he described the personal branding in the workplace:
When I started my personal branding business over a decade ago, companies were skeptical about personal branding. Today, companies understand that corporate brands and personal brands work well together. Your company needs you to deliver on their brand promise in a way that is authentic to you. You must leverage what makes you exceptional in support of your company’s mission. If you conform to a set of standards without integrating your greatest strengths and passions, your company does not benefit from the unique ingredient you can contribute.


Excerpt from Chapter 17 of Personal Branding for Dummies by Susan Chritton: Personal Branding in the Workplace

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