Identifying the sweet spot in which you want to compete

There is an intersection where what you have to offer, whom you want to work with, the markets that you serve, and the ideas that you have to share all come together. That point is called your market niche or your sweet spot, and it is uniquely yours. When you have found your sweet spot, you have found the niche that you want to use in developing your personal brand.

I have a friend who is a corporate trainer. He found his sweet spot in working with emerging leaders in an internationally diverse company. He claims his sweet spot is training these leaders in leadership development and helping them grow to be better managers. He likes to work with mid-level professionals who are eager to improve in their careers in a global environment.

Finding your sweet spot allows you to stay true to yourself, and it should give you direction to form a strategy for developing your niche. This concept applies whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a company. (Your sweet spot in the workplace becomes something that you are uniquely known for.)

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