Personal Branding during the Middle Years

During the middle phase of your career, it’s important to re-examine your brand on occasion and look at what you need to do to spice it up a bit. Don’t let your brand get stagnant or else you may soon be forgotten. Keep it fresh and keep it evolving!

Personal branding done well requires an implemented strategy, especially at mid-life. It keeps your career current and exciting at a time when many others are happily hanging out in routine. Setting a strategy to continue to grow in your career and continually evolve your personal brand takes courage, insight, and vision.

Begin by observing yourself in your current position. Your personal brand is based on your authentic self so don’t be afraid to let your differences begin to show as long as those differences are appropriate for your situation.

In our world today it is likely that you will need or want to reinvent yourself professionally. Your personal brand can support your reinvention by reminding you that at your core you are still you and need to be your authentic self. Your reinvented self may be wearing a new outfit, but in all that you do, no matter what you call yourself, you are still you. Your personal brand helps you identify those core pieces of yourself that you want to express and use in the world.

Reinventing yourself means you are ready to take responsibility for your life and work. Life is an adventure and as scary as it is, embrace your role in the creation of your new self. Don’t be afraid to learn new things. In order to build your confidence, you first need to shift your mindset. Start out expecting great things for yourself and having faith that the changes you are making will turn out well. Transform your negative thoughts into the positive actions that will help you move to where you want to be.

Here’s the great news: Studies show that most workers who change careers at older ages say they enjoy the new job more than the old job. So look at this time of change as a new opportunity to follow the dream you’ve always wanted to achieve. Ask yourself how can you combine your wealth of experience, knowledge, and personality to deliver something that the younger workforce can’t. Brand yourself to stand out, regardless of your age.

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