“I have had the pleasure to be affiliated with Susan across many years and roles. Susan has impressed me with her deep subject matter expertise in her specialty: branding, creating a LinkedIn presence, crafting a message for the marketplace. Her approach to working with clients is supportive, wise, and grounded. She effectively provides needed feedback, while encouraging, supporting, and upholding clients’ self-esteem. I have seen her make a huge difference to clients after a brief period of time. This woman delivers the goods.”  Kathleen Stinnett, Author of The Extraordinary Coach

“Susan is THE epitome of the coach with the most….most discernment, most flair, most experience and most fun to work with. She is credible at the highest levels and I appreciate her as a valued colleague.”
Valerie Sokolosky, Leadership Presence Author/Speaker, Master Personal Brand Strategist, Valerie & Company

“Susan’s enthusiasm and resources seem endless. These pale in comparison to her passion and intuition for guiding clients toward a fulfilling and rewarding career. Her toolkit is extensive and she knows just the right tool to help you past any hinderances as you seek your true vocation. If you are looking for guidance about your work-life, you should meet Susan. She is the sherpa of Career Pathways. Susan has been uniquely indispensable in promoting a positive change in my life.”

Vicky Berry 

“I went to Susan a few years back to see what I should do with my life after having taking some time off work to stay home with my children. I was somewhat skeptical to go to a “career coach” after a long career already. She has excellent counseling skills, a simplistic methodology and I felt she was advocating for me and yet allowed to make the career choice that was best for me. Her encouragement and advice helped me back into the work force back at my former career. I attribute my success to her at finding the right place for me to her. I highly recommend Susan without reservation.”
Nancy Ruggeiro Daum 

Susan Chritton is a creative, energetic coaching professional who provides value far in excess of her fees.  We have worked together on two specific occasions during career transitions and in both cases her support, motivation and expertise proved to be vital.  Susan knows when to press executives (and that is not necessarily an easy task even when we ask for input), is genuinely interested in her clients’ success and works tirelessly on their behalf;. She is unique, brings an amazing array of skills and experiences to bear and is dedicated to her clients achievements. I recommend Susan enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.  She is a role model amongst her peers.”
Jeanette Winters, Chief Learning Officer

“Susan helped me to discover my own unique skills and attributes and showed me the best way to promote those qualities in my resume, cover letters and interviews. I can now attack the job market with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. I highly recommend Susan for your career coaching needs.”
Nancy Russell 

“Susan exudes energy and enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help her clients reach their goals. She is an absolute delight to work with. As a personal branding coach for one of my company’s key clients, she has become the star of the program because of her can-do attitude. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make the program a success.”
William Arruda, President, Founder, Reach Personal Branding

“Susan easily becomes a long term colleague and someone who always provides advice and help in the most effective manner. Her knowledge is very much a part of her life’s work that she is a Natural, and someone you know will always be available. 

Susan’s work with many transitional professionals was performed with “professional enthusiasm” unlike an counselor available. She brings sincerity, understanding and perceptive to those that she guides through difficult times while influencing and advising in a very effective manner.” July 12, 2008
Richard Cerefice, Vice President, Northern California Operations Material and Contract Services

“Susan is smart, friendly, knowledgeable and talented. I’ve gone to Susan as a career counselor for years. She has excellent counseling skills (a great listener), and because she’s a “J,” she is very organized and results oriented. She has a natural “coachy” approach, which she has enhanced by completing the very rigorous Hudson Institute coach training and certification. As a leader in the counseling community, she is a great role model for me. Susan recognizes the capability in everyone and nurtures her clients to their best performance. This is someone who really wants to see you succeed. I recommend Susan without reservation.”
Maureen Nelson, M.A., GCDF 
Senior Consultant, Torchiana, Mastrov, and Sapiro, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of receiving the career coaching and personal branding services of Susan Chritton as I was transitioning out of my role as Strategic Learning Manager for APL in Jan, 2009. During this time I was facing the formidable challenge of launching a job search campaign as our country was going through an economic death spiral. Susan not only helped me map out a sound and effective job search strategy, she also bolstered my confidence–not through motivational pep talks, but my helping me define and see my true value, my unique brand in the marketplace–a brand I could market to prospective employers with pride and confidence. Susan helped me stay focused through the emotional upheavals that occurred during my job search campaign, gave sound advice, helped me explore alternative ways of working and identify industries and roles I heretofore hadn’t considered. At the end of the day, I did bounce back, and am grateful for the guidance I received from Susan along the way!”
Danny Lewis

“Susan Chritton is the kind of working professional you dream of, but are not truly convinced exist. She is energetic with an unmatched work ethic inspiring creativity in those around her, knowledgeable in past, present, and future career trends, and tireless in her pursuit of further information. Her intuitive abilities help her draw out answers from even the most scattered goals and it’s no wonder she has been tapped to write a book on personal branding; keep an eye out for its release in 2012!”
Elizabeth Siliato 

“I was a student in Susan’s career counseling class at USF. Susan provided great resources and guidance as I put together my post-graduate resume. Her advice was invaluable. I now feel comfortable and confident presenting myself to prospective employers – I have a great resume and a solid knowledge of my strengths and specialties.”
Robyn Ganeles, Student, University of San Francisco

“Susan is a gifted and brilliant career coach as well as someone who can build systems and centers that serve the needs of those looking for career guidance. I give her my highest recommendation.”
Sue Frederick, Career Coach, Vocation Vacations

“Susan is a true professional. She is genuinely committed providing her clients and co-workers with the best service, advice and support available. During our time together I learned a great deal about the discipline of Consulting. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and consider it a pleasure to have worked with her!”
Brenda Giamanco, Project Consultant, Right Management Consultants


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