The Heart of Your Personal Brand

PossibilitiesIt is February – the month of love. Love is actually the most important ingredient of your personal brand. Self-love that is, which means self-acceptance. You need to be able to look closely at yourself and be willing to grow and change so that you can align who you are on the inside with who you are on the outside.

As you get clarity about who you are, you’ll be able to demonstrate your authenticity, knowing that you’re coming from a place of strength rather than trying to practice the chameleon life. This clarity helps you live more consistently, which is vital to living a successful life.

If figuring out who you really are seems a bit overwhelming, know you that it doesn’t have to be. You already have an inner voice that can guide you toward your true identity. It’s the voice that tells you “Yes, go for it” or “Stop, this is a big mistake.” Your own best answers are there if you pause to listen to that wise inner voice.

It is freeing to let your guard down and open up to the authentic you, the one where your true strengths, talent, and personality lie. As you start to pay attention to what your personal brand is, you may want to pay more attention to your inner voice so that you can notice the choices that you make and move forward in a purposeful way.

Being able to identify what matters to you might sound obvious, but most people don’t think very much about it. Many of us go about our daily lives making split-second choices (often subconsciously) rather than trying to make decisions based on whether it aligns with what is important. Developing a personal brand requires being more aware of yourself and your choices.

Practice self-love this month. It is the heart of your personal brand and invites you to become everything that you’re capable of becoming.

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